Target bbs Bio - 0,20gr 1 kg (1 box = 20 bags) - Tan


Code de produit BBTG20BIOT
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Marque Target
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The Target Biodegradable BBs tan are designed for those users particularly sensitive to the price tag.

The Biodegradability is ensured by the certification n. 0030FPMMATs14 issued by the test lab CSI Certificazione e Testing. All tests have been performed in Italy. The certification ensures that the Target Biodegradable BBs are made of Polylactate (a natural material that degrades rapidly in composting). The declaration of conformity and the certification number are printed on each bag in 4 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian).

Each bag has a barcode for a more efficient inventory management.

Resealable 1 Kg bag

Each box contains 20 bags

Considering the low price of these BB's there are no more reasons for the players to not switch to biodegradable.

Target BBs is a trademark of Evolution International S.r.l. all rights reserved

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