Rifles Low Cost

Rifles Low Cost

This section includes low price air soft guns. This type of air soft guns generally include battery and battery charger. If you are looking for air soft guns for beginners this is the right section. If you are looking for air soft guns for expert players visit the Rifles Pro section.


M870 Police

Product code: PH010
Brand: Phantom
Weight: 2.2



Product code: PH009
Brand: Phantom
Weight: 4.9


M870 Breacher

Product code: PH011
Brand: Phantom
Weight: 1.93


M4 A1

Product code: PH001
Brand: Phantom
Weight: 3.19


CM RK47 Black Combo

Product code: ACE47-STDNBP-002
Brand: G&G
Weight: 4.07


P-36 ES

Product code: PH008
Brand: Phantom
Weight: 3.85


Sport Line CA36K

Product code: SP019P
Brand: Classic Army
Weight: 4.84