Evolution Airsoft

The Evolution brand redefines the quality/price ratio within the airsoft industry by merging top quality products, ultimate realism, high performance to competitive prices.

Evolution earned on the battlefield an always growing number of enthusiasts.

The Hardcore Series are the top-class products within the Evolution airsoft guns line.
These guns are designed to meet the demand for superior-quality products coming from professional airsoft players looking for performance and ultimate realism.
For their sophisticated technical features the Evolution Airsoft Hardcore Series guns are the state of the art in the airsoft industry.

The ultimate realism, the worldwide exclusive licensed real gun trademarks, the perfect finishing and attention to details make the Hardcore Series the most wanted item also by collectors.

The Combat Series air soft guns are designed for those players looking for great value for money products. They offer right out of the box what most of the other brands sell as “upgrades” or “option parts”.
Don’t be surprised when you open the box to see a load of extra accessories included along with the gun.

The Combat Series air soft guns are the best choice for those wargame players looking for reliable, performing, complete, yet affordable products.

The Evolution option parts, accessories and high performance batteries are compatible with most of the brands today available on the market.
To keep your guns’ performance always at the top we recommend to use only the original Evolution cleaning and maintenance products.

Product lines

Evolution product lines

Evolution Hard Core TangoDown

Evolution Airsoft has entered in a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with TangoDown® Inc. and is proud to bring to the Air Soft world the replicas of the TangoDown ECR (Enhanced Combat Rifle).
With the TangoDown ECR series Evolution Airsoft introduces a new type of gearbox in their products line. The new gearbox comes standard with an Integrated Mosfet Unit and Quick Removable Spring Guide.

Evolution Hard Core ADC Armi Dallera Custom

If you are looking for the best in guns making you have found the right company.
ADC Armi Dallera Custom S.r.l. is a leading European manufacturer of custom guns, born from the needs to produce high precision handguns for those professional and non professional users who are looking for the maximum performance possible from a firearm.

Evolution Hard Core Lone Star Tactical

The Evolution Airsoft Hardcore Series Lone Star Tactical are the official airsoft replica of the real Lone Star tactical rifles produced under worldwide exclusive license granted to Evolution International S.r.l. by Lone Star Tactical supply.

Evolution Hard Core Z-M Weapons

As the first release under the Hardcore Series, Evolution International S.r.l. chose the legendary LR-300 as in the real guns world the LR-300 is the same superior-class product as the Hardcore Series are in the airsoft world.
The Evolution Airsoft LR-300 has been designed and developed in Italy by Evolution International S.r.l. starting from the real LR-300 blueprints.

Evolution Hard Core Handguns

The Evolution Airsoft products family includes a wide range of gas-blowback handguns.
Used as a backup or primary weapon, or as a trainer they are always the right choice due to their high level of realism and dependable quality.

Evolution Combat Lone Star Edition

The new Evolution guns come with real Cerakote® finish, the special coating for real guns made using ceramic particles.
Each gun is delivered wih an Hexmag® 120BB magazine. The Hexmag magazines are made under exclusive license.
The finish and detail level of these guns are impressive.

Evolution Combat Recon

Evolution keeps expanding its line of professional air soft guns, now with the brand new Combat Series Recon.
The Recon is available in 34 different versions which differentiate each other by the barrel length, rail system, muzzle device and color.

Evolution E.T.S.™ Electronic Trigger System

The Evolution Airsoft E.T.S.™ is an advanced device using state of the art technology compatible with most V2 gearboxes without the need of any modification.
Before its release in almost 2 years of developement it went through a number of improvements and modifications from its original design and the version we are now releasing is actually the Third Generation with several hardware improvements and V5.2.3 software run by our very powerful CPU and supported by our Oversized Mosfet Unit™.

Evolution E.T.S. III™

With the E.T.S. III ™ you take your gun to the next level. Experience a new level of performance and open your mind to endless programming possibilities. The E.T.S. III™ gives you the edge.

Evolution gas and maintenance

The correct lubrication and the gas quality are key factors for the air soft guns performance and the duration of the sealing o-rings.
Evolution Airsoft developed a line of High Pressure Gas (HPG) to meet the needs of the most demanding air soft players, in particular of those who compete in IPSC race gun competitions.

Evolution Li-Po Ultra Power

Evolution Airsoft has just released their new line of Ultra Power Batteries, an extensive line of high performance batteries designed for those customers that don’t need just a battery but require top perfomance in any situation.
Powerful! The new 7.4V and 11.1V LiPo batteries feature compact dimensions but at the same time are very powerful thanks to the high power density.

Evolution parts and accessories

We believe in innovation so when we decided to enter the air soft gun accessories market we did it starting right from where the others fail, working around those small details that make a part more durable and reliable.
Explore the Evolution Airsoft accessories range and discover innovative and unique products like our self lubricant gears, our AK1000Rd Flash Magazine or the high performance of our made in Italy Power Springs.

Evolution Rifle Hard Cases

The Evolution Hard Cases are made in Italy using the most advanced machinery and high strength polymers to ensure the highest level or protection under any condition.