Air Soft Guns

Evolution Hard Core

The Hard Core Series is the top-class within the Evolution Airsoft guns line. The Hard Core Series air soft guns are designed to meet the demand for superior-quality coming from professional airsoft players looking for performance and ultimate realism. Click on the banners below to see the Evolution Hard Core products.

Evolution Combat Series

The Combat Series air soft guns are the best choice for those wargame players looking for reliable, performing, complete, yet affordable products. The Evolution Combat Series make extensive use of lightweight alloys and engineering polymers to reduce the weight and increase the durability. The Combat Series airsoft rifles have great value for money and offer right out of the box what most of the other brands sell as “upgrades” or “option parts”. Click on the banners below to see the Evolution Combat products.

Evolution Hard Core Handguns

The Evolution Airsoft products family includes a wide range of gas-blowback handguns.
Used as a backup or primary weapon, or as a trainer they are always the right choice due to their high level of realism and dependable quality.

Phantom Air Soft Guns

The PHANTOM brand revealed to be an incredible sales success straight from the beginning.
The Phantom products line includes an impressive quantity of products that range from air soft guns to tactical equipment, riflescopes, protection glasses, rail systems, red dots and li-po batteries.