Matrixx Mag™

The most most  versatile Magazine on the planet.

Matrixx Mag™ is the most versatile magazine on the Planet. The surface is textured by a dense matrix of points allowing for total customization of the magazine’s surface.
The matrix of points can be used to identify magazines through numbers and symbols, or to unleash creativity.
The use is very simple, just color the recesses to form the desired shape. The coloring is durable and scratch-proof.
The special matrix of points also provides exceptional grip on both sides of the magazine over a very extensive surface, making its use simple and safe even with gloves. The pronounced frontal groove provides an additional secure grip for quick extraction in critical conditions.
The minimalist and clean design facilitates sliding, making it easier to insert and extract in magazine pouches and other retention systems.
Super-strong and durable thanks to the Carbontech™ techno-polymer construction.


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