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About Evolution

Evolution International S.r.l. is one of the fastest growing airsoft and recreational shooting companies in the world.

Its commitment to provide customers with the best products and service made Evolution International S.r.l. gain a strong and valuable reputation worldwide.


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TangoDown Inc. enjoys over ten years of bringing the highest quality products to United States Armed Forces and…

ADC Armi Dallera Custom

ADC Armi Dallera Custom, Italy. Worldwide renowned manufacturer of “Special Duty” firearms. Tailor made guns…

Lone Star Tactical

Lone Star Tactical, USA. Founded by shooters for shooters, based in Texas, brings innovative products to the market…

Z-M Weapons

Z-M Weapons, USA is the manufacturer of the legendary LR-300, the first major break-through in the firearms industry…


Sarsilmaz Fire Arms Industry has started its manufacturing activities in the end of 1800s, becoming the sole private corporation…

Dallera Tactical

Dallera Tactical, Italy, developes for high performance demanding customers special long and short firearms for tactical uses.

Dallera Custom

Dallera Custom, Italy, is a brand of the first manufacturer of customized handguns in Europe. Owning a Dallera Custom gun…

ADC Custom Guns

ADC Custom Guns, Italy. Worldwide famous Italian “tailor made” defence firearms manufacturer. The ADC Custom Guns…

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New EVOLUTION Airsoft RECON EMR METAL E.T.S.III™ Evolution International presents the new RECON models with built-in E.T.S. III™. The new Recon Models completely reflect the Evolution style and design. The replica main new features include a F.A.S.T. Flat Trigger, a new Angled Trigger Guard and an EMR, Evolution Modular Rail,Read More →

Evolution International always working on the latest technologies At Evolution International even the smallest detail is not overlooked. In this case this is a simple electronic board placed inside a gearbox, so in a place not visible to the Airsoft players. Despite that, we are working on the components arrangement soRead More →

Evolution International – 2021 CATALOGUE A completely renewed version with all the Evolution Brands products. An interactive version that will allow you to know everything about the Evolution Brands products.Read More →

Airsoft Action previews the Evolution M40 waiting for Issue 125 Stay tuned for Issue 125 that will go live on 15 April to get the full report and lowdown! Airsoft Action Many of the AA crew have either a range at home or have access to private land where theyRead More →