Evolution Rifle Hard Cases

Evolution Rifle Hard Case models

Technical Specs

  • Double layer of shock-absorbing foam
  • Protected name tag
  • High strength polymers
  • Four locking points
  • Handle (depending on the model)
  • Wheels (depending on the model)
  • PNP Foam (depending on the model)
  • Air travel approved (depending on the model)
  • Certifications by ITALIAN NAVY, NATO, INTERNATIONAL POLICE FORCES (depending on the model)
  • Made in Italy

Evolution Rifle Hard Cases

The Evolution Hard Cases are made in Italy using the most advanced machinery and high strength polymers to ensure the highest level of protection under any condition.

Wether a real firearm or just an air soft gun with the Evolution Hard Cases your gun is always in the safest place.


Business inquiries: info@evolutioninternational.it