Xtreme Precision

Xtreme Precision is the leading brand of BB’s in Europe.
Since their introduction on the market almost ten years ago the sales of the Xtreme Precision BB’s continued to increase gaining every year market share over the competitors.


Here at Evolution International S.r.l. we are always hearing at the requests and needs coming from the airsoft players and the brand new MIMETIX ™ BBS are the reply to a specific need coming from the playing fields and the wargame players: ZERO Visual Impact and Full Biodegradation.


The Target BBs are designed for those users particularly sensitive to the price tag but requiring good shooting consistency.
The Target BBs have a perfectly polished and seamless surface, and no air pockets inside.


The SPHERE BB’s are among the best BB’s on the market. Excellent quality, high performance.
These are the BB’s for those looking at the same time for competitive price and quality.