The Hard Core Series is the top-class within the Evolution Airsoft guns line.

The Hard Core Series air soft guns are designed to meet the demand for superior-quality coming from professional airsoft players looking for performance and ultimate realism.

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Evolution Hard Core

Evolution Hard Core ADC Armi Dallera Custom

If you are looking for the best in guns making you have found the right company.
ADC Armi Dallera Custom S.r.l. is a leading European manufacturer of custom guns, born from the needs to produce high precision handguns for those professional and non professional users who are looking for the maximum performance possible from a firearm.

Evolution Hard Core TangoDown

Evolution Airsoft has entered in a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with TangoDown® Inc. and is proud to bring to the Air Soft world the replicas of the TangoDown ECR (Enhanced Combat Rifle).
With the TangoDown ECR series Evolution Airsoft introduces a new type of gearbox in their products line. The new gearbox comes standard with an Integrated Mosfet Unit and Quick Removable Spring Guide.

Evolution Hard Core Lone Star Tactical

The Evolution Airsoft Hardcore Series Lone Star Tactical are the official airsoft replica of the real Lone Star tactical rifles produced under worldwide exclusive license granted to Evolution International S.r.l. by Lone Star Tactical supply.

Evolution Hard Core Z-M Weapons

As the first release under the Hardcore Series, Evolution International S.r.l. chose the legendary LR-300 as in the real guns world the LR-300 is the same superior-class product as the Hardcore Series are in the airsoft world.
The Evolution Airsoft LR-300 has been designed and developed in Italy by Evolution International S.r.l. starting from the real LR-300 blueprints.

Evolution Hard Core M700 Take Down gas rifle

The Evolution Airsoft rifles family includes a sniper-specialized rifle.
We decided to include a super-specialized sniper rifle in our rifles range for those players that play the sniper role on the field but, most of all, for those that take part to sniper competitions, that’s why we decided to go for a break down design.


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