Gas and maintenance

Evolution gas and maintenance

The correct lubrication and the gas quality are key factors for the air soft guns performance and the duration of the sealing o-rings.
Evolution Airsoft developed a line of High Pressure Gas (HPG) to meet the needs of the most demanding air soft players, in particular of those who compete in IPSC race gun competitions.

Action Gas

Action Gas is a new type High Pressure Gas (HPG™) especially formulated to delivery the best performance on Hot and Cold weather.
The Action Gas is formulated with silicone oil to extend the service life of o-rings, gas valves and hop up packing.

Combat Gas

The Combat Gas comes in a micro size 120 ml bottle containing 100 ml of the special formula HPG™ gas with silicone oil.
This micro bottle was designed to fit the size of a standard M4 magazine pouch as well as the majority of the tactical vest pouches available on the market.