Cleaning and maintenance

Airsoft Guns are exposed to really severe working conditions. High Voltage LiPOs produce extremely high rates of fire, the sealing o-rings and packings are exposed to high pressure flows of hot and dry air (electric guns), freezing temperatures (gas and CO2) or quite high dry air pressures (HPA).

A simple lack of lubrication or cleaning and maintenance usually leads to a dramatical shortening of the gun service life and the commonly available lubricants and maintenance kits designed for real guns are simply not good for Airsoft Guns as they contain substances which are corrosive for most of the materials used on Airsoft Guns.

That’s why it is so important to always use excellent quality cleaning and maintenance products specifically designed for air soft guns.

Evolution Airsoft extended its products range with two simple items, but probably among the most needed:

  • A spray Silicone Oil specifically formulated for the use on Airsoft Guns to clean and lubricate all types of sealing o-rings, hop up packings and inner barrels used on Airsoft Guns. It also forms as a protective film while sprayed on the Airsoft Gun surface preventing the rust from iron based parts.
  • A Teflon Grease which reduces friction due to the high level of Teflon particles contained in its special formula. Its use reduces friction on gears, bearings, bushings, and all moving parts like bolt carriers and slides of GBB rifles and handguns, making their action becoming smoother and more reactive.

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