EVOLUTION Airsoft Xtreme Precision®️Biodegradable BB’s For those uses where BB’s dispersion in the natural environment is not a concern, Xtreme Precision®️ developed an extensive range of Recyclable BB’s. After the use, the Xtreme Precision®️ BB’s can be collected and Recycled to make new plastic products, giving the plastic the BB’sRead More →

EVOLUTION Airsoft Xtreme Precision®️Biodegradable BB’s has been first Evolution International Brand to be launched on the market more than 15 years ago and we were the pioneers in the field of Biodegradable BB’s by applying production techniques that were science fiction at the time. At the time, organic pellets wereRead More →

EVOLUTION Airsoft GHOST on Airsoft Action Magazine – Issue June 2021 The Evolution International GHOST is presented on the last Airsoft Action Magazine’s Issue for June 2021. A fantastic article dedicated to our GHOST written by Bill in collaboration with our Evolution Face Björn Klockar. The new GHOST was presentedRead More →