The new Evolution International GHOST AX CARBONTECH ETU landed in Japan too! Hyperdouraku, a Japanese Airsoft Blog, wrote an amazing article about Evolution International, especially focused on the new GHOST AX CARBONTECH ETU. Click below to read the article.Read More →

Evolution International adds a super compact rifle case in its Hard Cases Range! This new Rifle Case is designed for PDW sized rifles and of course is Made in Italy. I It’s approved by the Italian Navy, Approved by NATO and by international police Forces. Furthermore it’s Airtravel certified byRead More →

EVOLUTION Airsoft Sniper Rifle M40 on Airsoft Action Magazine – Issue #125 May 2021 The Evolution International Sniper Rifle M40 is presented on the last Airsoft Action Magazine’s Issue for May 2021 (#125). A fantastic article dedicated to our Sniper Rifle written by Bill in collaboration with our Evolution FaceRead More →

New EVOLUTION Airsoft RECON EMR METAL E.T.S.III™ Evolution International presents the new RECON models with built-in E.T.S. III™. The new Recon Models completely reflect the Evolution style and design. The replica main new features include a F.A.S.T. Flat Trigger, a new Angled Trigger Guard and an EMR, Evolution Modular Rail,Read More →

Evolution International always working on the latest technologies At Evolution International even the smallest detail is not overlooked. In this case this is a simple electronic board placed inside a gearbox, so in a place not visible to the Airsoft players. Despite that, we are working on the components arrangement soRead More →