The Evolution High Performance BBs represent the ideal choice for airsoft enthusiasts seeking a high-quality and environmentally friendly product.

With their biodegradable composition, certifications, and advanced technical features, Evolution BBs ensure exceptional and sustainable performance.

PLA-Based Biodegradable

  • Evolution BBs are made from PLA, a fully biodegradable material.
  • This material is derived from renewable plant sources, ensuring a lower environmental impact.

Sustainability and Certification

  • The BBs are certified in Italy by the CSI laboratory of the IMQ group, attesting to their quality and safety.
  • Being biodegradable, Evolution BBs contribute to reducing pollution, breaking down easily in a compostable environment.

Availability in Versions

  • They are available in three versions: Bio, Bio Tracer, and Regular.
  • The Bio Tracer version allows you to follow the trajectory of the BBs even in low visibility conditions, increasing shooting accuracy.

Perfectly Smooth Surface

  • The surface of the BBs is perfectly smooth, uniform, and free of imperfections, improving shooting accuracy and speed.
  • Advanced production technology prevents the formation of air bubbles inside the BBs, ensuring perfect balance.

Size and Precision

  • The BBs have a size of 5.95 mm with a tolerance of ±0.01 mm, ensuring optimal performance with all high-quality airsoft replicas.
  • This level of size precision allows for greater consistency and reliability during use.
  • Performance and efficiency are optimal even when used with various types of high-performance hop-up rubbers and precision barrels.

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