Smart Airsoft Gun E-416 DEVGRU Once again our Smart Airsoft Guns have been appreciated, and today Airsoft Action Magazine speaks about one of our Smart Airsoft Gun powered by E.T.S.III. “Evolution have come a long way since I first met them, and I’d have to say that the E-416 DEVGRURead More →

The new RECON XS EMR A AX ETS Limited Edition has been featured on one of the most important Airsoft Magazine in the UK “We’ve had great performance so far from the AEGS that we have in the Red Cell Test Pool from Evolution International (in fact we’ll be looking again atRead More →

GHOST XS EMR A CARBONTECH ETS reviewed from Chile In this beautiful review, published by the Chilean Wonder Woman Airsoft Paula, you can see our Ghost XS EMR A CARBONTECH ETS directly from our chilean client Military Gear Chile. Evolution International is the only Airsoft Manufacturer who designs and manufacturesRead More →