In this beautiful review, published by the Chilean Wonder Woman Airsoft Paula, you can see our Ghost XS EMR A CARBONTECH ETS directly from our chilean client Military Gear Chile.

Evolution International is the only Airsoft Manufacturer who designs and manufactures in its factory in Milano, Italy, their own electronic trigger units and assembles its Smart Airsoft Guns in Italy!

Why did we chose to call them Smart Airsoft Guns?

We started talking about the Smart Airsoft Guns concept few months ago. The technology behind the #evolutionairsoft guns reached a so high level of complexity and sophistication, that we cannot anymore talk about Electric Airsoft Guns only.Infact, while others airsoft manufacturers use generic electronic units, that can adapt to any type of AEG, limiting performance, at Evolution International the Electronic Trigger Systems born together with the replica, giving life to the Smart Airsoft Guns and creating a real ecosystem.

In fact, the E.T.S. II™ have all the avanced functions out of the box, and no need of extras to use them, all you need is your finger as all functions, even the most advanced ones, are programmed via trigger.

Fast and easy!

Paula from Chile reviewed Evolution International Ghost XS

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