Licensed by TangoDown, U.S.A., manufactured by Evolution Airsoft

The TangoDown Enhanced Combat Rifle (ECR) is available as a Training Tool for MIL/LE and for the Milsim players.

Evolution Airsoft, a leading manufacturer in the Airsoft Industry proudly annouces the worldwide release of the brand new line of air soft guns and accessories licensed by TangoDown Inc., U.S.A.

Evolution Airsoft worked hard to deliver to the airsoft community one of the best and most realistic air soft guns ever made using only the best materials and state of the art manufacturing technology.

As anticipated at the firearms international exhibition IWA2017, the new TangoDown air soft guns are equipped with an aluminum metal body with a peculiar surface treatment to increase its resistance to scratches: the aluminum surface was first hard anodized and then finished matte black to eliminate the typical shine of anodized metal. This is something never seen before on an air soft gun.

As everybody expects from an air soft gun made by Evolution Airsoft the bolt catch and the dust cover are fully functional, the outer barrel is one piece cnc machined and anodize finished, the precision inner barrel is 6.03mm diameter.
The highest performances are grant by a metal hop up chamber loaded with sealing o-rings.

The TangoDown guns are equipped with a new reinforced gearbox with fully removable spring guide that allows to change the spring without removing the gearbox from the body and with a built in MOSFET, which means a faster trigger response and no more carbonized trigger switch.

The TangoDown guns belong to the Evolution Airsoft’s Hard Core Series, which means the best of the best and come with loads of TangoDown licensed accessories straight out of the box. All accessories are also sold as separate items and are compatible with any air soft gun on the market.

About TangoDown®

TangoDown®, Inc. enjoys over ten years of bringing the highest quality products to the United States Armed Forces and Law Enforcement.
Our reputation for unique design and quality manufacturing of weapon components has earned us first choice when it comes to stepping into harm’s way. We constantly shoot, train and listen to operator’s needs. Only then can we provide a true solution.
Our goal is to make the warrior’s weapon lighter and more efficient, whether a pistol, carbine or belt fed machine gun. We serve the individual operator or office up to large quantity OEM needs. Look over our product line. Call us with any questions. We’re happy to suggest a product that’s just right for you. And to all members of the United States Military, past and present – as always, thank you for your service.
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TangoDown created some of the most iconic weapon components and accessories in service with the US Special Forces like the ARC Magazine.
Evolution Airsoft perfectly replicated the ARC Magazine, legendary for its strenght and durability, and made of it a 130rd Mid Cap Airsoft Mag.

The TangoDown Vertical Grip is one of the most known and successful designs in the military firearms industry.
It comes standard with the TangoDown air soft guns and it is available as an accessory in two different lenghts and colors.
The TangoDown Rail Panels are the perfect companion for the TangoDown Pistol Grip and Vertical Grip.
They are included in all TangoDown air soft guns and are available in different lenghts and colors as accessories.

Built-in MOSFET and Quick access to the main spring are standard in the new TangoDown air soft guns made by Evolution Airsoft.

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