Why the Xtreme Precision BB’s are considered the best of the world

Why the Xtreme Precision® BB’s are so special? What takes them apart from the other BB’s? Why they are “the most accurate BB on the market”? And why they are “the professionals’ choice”? In this short video we answer all these questions and more, it is all there. It is quite simple: no other BB’s have the same astonishing roundness and perfect spherical shape. No other brands have all the BB’s in a bag exactly of the same size. See our technician measuring some random BB’s taken from a bag, checking their diameter and rotating them in the micrometer to show that the diameter is absolutely the same all circumference long and on all BB’s.

The video shows not only that the Xtreme Precision BB’s are perfect spheres but also that all BB’s in a bag have exactly the same size. Do the same with other brands, you’ll remain astonished with the difference between BB’s, and that makes the difference while the BB’s go through the hop up and the barrel. That’s why the brand name is Xtreme Precision, it is not just a nice brand name, it is a quality promise made to customers, a promise of quality and perfection that is being kept one BB at time since 15 years.

We are sure you’ll find the video interesting and inspiring making you discover technical details you never thought about before.
We are sure as well this video will be interesting also for your customers, use it freely on your social networks, on your website, newsletter, etc.

We remain at your disposal if you have any questions, if you want to learn more and become a BB’s expert don’t hesitate to contact us, the BB’s are not all the same and they are not “just BB’s”, there is a whole world to discover behind them. There are companies who choose to make just small plastic balls, and there is who decided to make precison tools to hit a target stronger, furthest and with higher accuracy.

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