Ghost XS PDW EMR Carbontech ETS

We are always proud to share articles that speak about Evolution Airsoft Smart Airsoft Guns.

This time Airsoft International Magazine wrote about our Ghost XS PDW EMR Carbontech ETS.

“The Evolution Airsoft SAG (Smart Airsoft Gun) series is Evolution Airsoft’s attempt to produce a new and improved electronic trigger unit, known as the ETS II.

The unit is fully programmable and can be set to semi-auto, allowing you to have semi-auto
by using a short trigger pull. You also have full auto at bursts of varying durations if you use a long trigger pull. A sniper delay function limits the semi-auto response to allow you to use your SAG as a bolt-action sniper rifle. The ETS II also provides low battery protection.

The rifle’s receiver is a modem take on a classic M4/AR15, with a more aggressive angular appearance that is certainly different.”

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