We present you the new Evolution Airsoft Blowback Airsoft Gun: the E-911 DEFENDER STEEL.

The Blowback Airsoft Guns family keeps expanding and we decided to launch on the market something new. Like our Smart Airsoft Guns, also our Blowback Airsoft Guns are designed and assembled in Italy by 20y experienced technicians. All Airsoft Guns pass through a quality check protocol which includes a shooting test in our 25m long shooting range. We do all that in the Evolution International Factory based in Milano, Italy.

We like being “not standard” and add a bit of our own touch even on the most classics designs. That’s not an easy task when it comes to the 1911 platform which is simply perfect, but we wanted to push it further and we made it adding extra-large CNC machined front serrations. The complete CNC processing, the aluminium construction and the Duralite™ finish make of this gun one of a kind. The shooting experience is of higher class.

Accurately optimizing the components to reduce tolerances and friction we obtained a trigger action with zero pre-load, a sharp release, a zero over-travel and a fast reset, who knows about real guns understands what we are talking about and how beneficial this kind of set-up is for accuracy and fast double-tap. The gun is very comfortable and stable in the hand due to the unparalleled ergonomics and perfect center of mass.

The gun is delivered in an impact resistant Made in Italy pistol case.

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