What do airsoft players think about the Evolution products?
Watch the unboxing of the GHOST!

About the Ghost

The Ghost is a ground breaking project, it was entirely designed in Italy in Gardone Valtrompia (the firearms valley where are based the 90% or the prestigious Italian firearms manufacturers like Beretta) by one of the most skilled real gun designers with which Evolution International worked side by side to develop a ground breaking line of guns that desn’t have equals on the market for what concerns the design and the technological and technical content.

Electromagnetic Core

Built-in Electronic Trigger Unit, with electromagnetic sensors, Active Brake mosfets, automatic Full Cycle control  and battery protection system  for superior performance and peace of mind


Super lightweight  EMR™ Evolution Modular Rail

Made of CNC machined billet aluminum, matte black coated, M-LOK compatible

The highest quality standard in the industry

Italian Design

A real unique design that incorporates the essence and spirit of the Evolution brand. Entirely designed in Italy in Gardone Valtrompia


The body is made of CARBONTECH™, a space-age carbon-reinforeced technopolymer designed to be lightweight and strong under heavy duty use
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