The Xtreme Precision® Biodegradable BB’s are basically made of modified corn-starch combined with other biodegradable materials.
The corn-starch is modified in order to obtain heat-resistant properties, making this kind of material one of the only bioplastics capable of withstanding high temperatures.Read More →

Airsoft Guns are exposed to really severe working conditions. High Voltage LiPOs produce extremely high rates of fire, the sealing o-rings and packings are exposed to high pressure flows of hot and dry air (electric guns), freezing temperatures (gas and CO2) or quite high dry air pressures (HPA).Read More →

Anticipated at the IWA2016 & Outdoor Classics in Nurenberg a few weeks ago, the new Z-M Weapons licensed LR-300 Blowback assembled in Italy by the Evolution Airsoft Performance Center is now available.Read More →