E.T.S. Drop-in with Oversized Mosfet Unit

The all new E.T.S.™ Drop-in with Oversized Mosfet Unit™

Evolution International S.r.l. are glad to announce the release of the Drop-in version of their Electronic Trigger System (E.T.S™) with Oversized Mosfet Unit™ completely designed and manufactured in Italy.

This new Drop-in version has been highly requested by those customers that do not have the necessary knowledge or do not want to spend even the few minutes necessary to install the standard version. The new E.T.S. Drop-in comes already fully wired and ready to replace the standard trigger switch. No adjustments or modifications to the standard V2 gearbox and its parts are required.

The only operations necessary to install the new E.T.S.™ electronic trigger and the Oversized Mosfet Unit™ are so simple that more than that is impossible: just remove the original trigger switch and the cut-off lever (the E.T.S.™ is fully digital and doesn’t use the mechanical cut-off), place in the gearbox the wired E.T.S.™ and.. and… that’s all, nothing more, you’re ready to rock!

The E.T.S.™ is easy to install and easy to program, detailed instructions are provided with the product. Unexperienced users are supported by on-line tutorials.

With the E.T.S.™ you can easily program how your gun will shoot, you’ll be able to program your rifle to shoot a burst of 3 BB’s or any other number of BB’s from 1 to 250, this means you’ll also be able to set your gun to be semi auto only for some CQB games or to limit the amount of BB’s shot with one trigger pull to simulate the use of low cap magazines, it is up to you to decide, the software doesn’t give you any limitation.

With the E.T.S.™ your Lipo battery is safe, no more damages, no more ballon as the result of over-discharging. The E.T.S.™ incorporates a programmable Lipo Protection function, you can protect your 7.4V, 11.1V or even 14.8V batteries (yes, we are looking forward, so you won’t need to change your E.T.S. as more powerful batteries will come out on the market)!

Returning to the gun’s standard operation is as easy as to program it.

The E.T.S.™ is powered by V5.2.3 software run by our very powerful CPU and supported by our Oversized Mosfet Unit™.

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