Airsoft Guns are exposed to really severe working conditions. High Voltage LiPOs produce extremely high rates of fire, the sealing o-rings and packings are exposed to high pressure flows of hot and dry air (electric guns), freezing temperatures (gas and CO2) or quite high dry air pressures (HPA).Read More →

The Evolution Airsoft products family includes a wide range of gas-blowback handguns.
Used as a backup or primary weapon, or as a trainer they are always the right choice due to their high level of realism and dependable quality.Read More →

Anticipated at the IWA2016 & Outdoor Classics in Nurenberg a few weeks ago, the new Z-M Weapons licensed LR-300 Blowback assembled in Italy by the Evolution Airsoft Performance Center is now available.Read More →

The Evolution Airsoft rifles family includes a sniper-specialized rifle.
We decided to include a super-specialized sniper rifle in our rifles range for those players that play the sniper role on the field but, most of all, for those that take part to sniper competitions, that’s why we decided to go for a break down design.Read More →